Acrylic Painting Techniques


Reconstructing and making brushes

As an evolution of my interest in the "Rake" brush, I have made many versions of this concept for building layers of textures and building forms and shapes within a painting. You can see the use of these brushes in practically all of my abstract art.

Here are some brushes that I made from combining rounds fit into a homemade wood handle.

Homemade Brushes 1

For some reason, I have never felt that I could used fan brushes with acrylic paint effectively, so I started to reconstruct them into something more useful to my style.

Altered Fan Brushes1

Here is a quick "how to" if you want to give this a try. Since I have converted all of my fans, this illustration is shown with one of my already altered fans.

Altered Fan Brushes4

About all you need is brush sizing or a strong hair mousse, pallet knife and a five minute two part water proof epoxy. Below, I cut small pieces of paper and fold them.

Altered Fan Brushes3

Next, mousse the brush and begin working the fibers or hairs into sections and insert the folded paper.

Altered Fan Brushes2

Let this dry for several hours or overnight, remove the paper and mix the epoxy. The trickiest part is working the epoxy carefully over ferrule and into the seperation of the fibers. You want the epoxy to go completely through fibers to each side of the brush, which requires turning it over several times until the epoxy takes a set.

Recently, I discovered some kraft brushes that were rediculously cheap at Michael's (arts and crafts store). I noticed they were made by Loew-Cornell which means they probably use taklon, which is a good fiber for acrylics. I used the same procedure from above to create these.


If you notice on the middle brush, I epoxied the top of the ferrule to seal it to the wood for cleaning.  I do this with all brushes because eventually, moisture under the ferrule will destroy the wood and rust the ferrule.  Even larger expensive watercolor wash brushes (flats) have gaps in the ferrules that need filling and sealing.


Here are some examples using these brushes


"Meditation" Acrylic on Paper 12"x12"



A1045 (in my Abstract Art Gallery 5)





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